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For all those who don't know who we are, we are practising Wiccans (modern witches) and authors who publish books on the subjects of Paganism, Magick and Witchcraft. Prior to Stewart's death on the 7th February 2000.  Janet and Stewart had published their works since 1971, and are recognised as experts on Witchcraft and the Occult. Gavin joined them in 1993, and has since worked with them on The Pagan Path, a study of Paganism worldwide, The Healing Craft, a healer's worksbook for Pagans, The Complete Dictionary of European God and Goddesses, and our most recent  The Inner Mysteries. To date, we have had eleven books between us, on the subjects mention, published in the United States, Britain and as far afield as Brazil, Japan and the Czech Republic.

We were involved in setting up the Alliance of Progressive Covens (APeCs) and have links with several covens in the United States, Italy, and the UK. We run a an open group in Ireland called Teampall Na Callaighe which includes as an open worship group.

Our current practical work is in the areas of Spiritism and Trance Prophesy. We regularly conduct practical Workshops in these fields for the Pagan Community. Janet was trained in Alex Sander's London coven in the early 1970's, but is also a professional Tarot Reader and counsellor. She has training in Jungian psychology and Caballistic training in a Magical Lodge in the early 1970's. Gavin is an Empathic Healing Medium, training in spiritual healing in the 1980's and initiated into three different traditions of Wicca, including Seax-Wica and Alexandrian.   Gavin was also part of the Traditional British Shamanism revival in the UK during the 1980's. He also works as a Tour Guide taking groups around the ancient sites of Ireland.

Janet is registered in Ireland to do legal handfastings (pagan marriages) in the Republic of Ireland by the Pagan Federation Ireland the General Registry Ofrice.

Both of us believe that witchcraft is a traditional of healing and self-discovery, as well as an occult practise. It is not dogmatic by nature, but evolves according to culture and circumstance. It is a spirituality, focusing around some of the most ancient of magical practises of mankind.

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