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Janet has been a practising Tarot Reader/Counsellor and Psychic since 1970, giving her over 40 years of experience studying them  not just as a form of divination but as a system of mystical practise. She also teaches Tarot divination and magic during workshop tours. Both her and Gavin were responsible for the literary work on several  of the ground breaking Fools Dog's Tarot Apps.

Her main practise as a Tarot Reader/Counsellor is run out of our home in Kells, County Meath, and has a regular clientelle.  She also gives readings while doing workshop tours both in Europe and the United States.   She has been cited by several magazines in Ireland as the most experienced and accurate Tarot Reader in the country. She can be contacted by E-Mail (see Contact us above) if you live in Ireland and wish to visit her for a reading.
In 2008 we experimented as to whether it was possible for Janet to do Tarot Readings by E-mail. She had previously done phone readings, but this was very different as the client would not be present. We were surprised to find that the readings were in fact incredibly accurate, mainly due to Janet's abilities as a psychic.  Since 2008 Janet has build up a regular clientele using this method, and has new clients approaching her for readings all the time.
The client first contacts Janet to see if she is available to do a reading. Once Janet has arranged a time frame for the reading, the client sends Janet her/his questions if they have any, and makes payment via paypal for US$60 (below).   Normally the reading is then returned within 48hrs.  The reading includes an Mp3 recording of the layout being performed in realtime, plus a jpg image of the completed layout
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Tarot Readings
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