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Evening/Afternoon (1 1/2 to 2 hours)

Progressive Witchcraft (Talk)

A talk by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone on the development of Witchcraft since the 1960's, and how it is an evolving tradition. They started running their first 'progressive coven' in 2001 and have since been responsible for  'seeding' similar covens in the United States, the UK, Belgium, and Italy, based on the principle that all traditions must evolve to suit their natural and social environments.  Part of this has included the integration of native trance practises, including trance-prophesy and deity-connection.  This talk includes discussions on traditions, solitary practise, initiation (self and into covens), and the degree system, and the movement towards 'deity-centred witchcraft'. 

Waking the Gods (Talk)

A general talk by Janet and Gavin about their recent work and experiences in Deity Connection and Ecstatic Trance-Prophesy techniques. This talk includes: What was traditionally taught; the importance of divinity in Witchcraft; what and who are the Gods and Goddesses?; from Duotheism to Polytheism; connecting with divinity; our experiences around the world; Deity over Dogma; Deity and the Mysteries, and the progressional towards Deity Centred Witchcraft.

Journey of the Fool: Exploring the Mysteries through the Tarot (Workshop)

This is a group participation workshop led by Janet Farrar, who has over 40 years experience in the Tarot and Wicca.  Often humourous and irreverent, this workshop explores the Mysteries using the Tarot to show how each of the cards is a stepping stone to enlightenment and self-understanding from The Fool through to The World.

Magical Thought Forms/Witches Bottle (Workshop)

A practical workshop, showing the participant how to create thought form spirits and familiars.  This workshop includes:  What a thought form is and the nature of spirit forms and familiars, Do's, Don'ts and ethics in magical creation and how to create a protective Witches' Bottle Thought Form. Participants will be required to brings specific items: a bottle, salt, incense, red candle or sealing wax, red thread or cord (more details given before talk).

Magical Energy Primer (Workshop)

An experiential primer workshop exploring the use of energy in ritual and magic.  For several years Janet and Gavin have been creating a system for teaching how ritual is related to energy, and how 'the magical car' works.  This is a workshop on ritual mechanics and how understanding energy can enhance your practise. This workshop includes Understanding how the Chakras and the Auras work in ritual and magic, creating 'Sacred Space' (i.e circle casting), raising magical energy; the Cone of Power, understanding 'Consecration' as being at the root of all magical practise and Magical Energy and how its behaviour creates the Magical Laws.

Journey to the Moon Temple (Workshop)

Specifically a workshop by Janet, this workshop looks at the work of Dion Fortune in creating the Astral Moon Temple, which even after 50 years still exists.  Through a specific voice technique that she uses, she takes the group in a journey to the edge of death and the underworld to access the Temple of Isis after first passing Anubis, as guardian and hierophant.

Tarot Magic (Workshop)

Janet has been using Tarot for divination and magical purposes since 1970, while Gavin has been using them since 1981. In this workshop they show how to use Tarot for magic, a once common practise among members of the Golden Dawn and other magical orders. It includes their use in creating a high form of circle casting, sympathetic magic and their use combined with planetary magic.

Introduction to Runes (Workshop)

A workshop by Gavin on the Runes. This is Gavin's chosen magical practise, and in this workshop he talks about the history of Runes from the viewpoint of tribal and shamanic practise, the different Futharks/Futhorks, and goes through each Rune of the Elder Futhark (24). He shows how to cast and create spreads for divination.

The Chalice and the Grail: Working with Polarity Magic (Workshop)

A natural follow on from the Magical Energy Primer workshop, this is a practical workshop which looks at the use of polarizing energy explified in Wicca as the consecration of Wine with the Athame and Chalice. This workshop includes working  with Polarity Magic, including sex magic techniques and the Energetic Athame and Chalice Ritual.

'The Box': An Exploration of Ethics, Id and Shadow

This practical and demonstrative workshop was originally developed for Janet and Gavin's Italian Study group for teaching the nature of Id, Shadow and it's relationship with ethical magical practise. This is for people who want to seriously explore this in themselves and relies on the experience of the workshop to understand the psychology involved rather than talk.  The co-operaton and honesty of all those attending is therefore essential. How far would you go to get what you wanted if there was no legal or karmic comeback?  An open mind is required.

One Day (9.30am to 4.30pm)

Spiritual Healing Workshop

Gavin trained as a spiritual healer before being initiated into Wicca in the early 1980's. He continues to practise with his gift in Ireland today. In this practical workshop he shows how to use the basics of intuitive spiritual, energetic and empathic healing. It includes: The Chakras and Aura Bodies and how to open and close them, the Three Chakric Centres used by healers, what a chakra 'blockage' is and how damage occurs to the Aura Bodies and Chakras, Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing. Creating a routing for healing work, and ethics of practise.

Magical Energy Workshop

A practical and experiential workshop exploring the importance of understanding energy in ritual and magical practise. Includes: Understanding the seven Chakras and three Auras Bodies and their importance in ritual, Magical Laws related to energy, how raise energy as the Cone of Power, the Chalice and The Athame ritual; understanding magical polarity. This workshop finishes with the powerful Grail Ritual, which is used for healing. 

The Witches' Tree of Life; A Magic Cosmology Workshop

This workshop gives an understanding of how mythical cosmologies can help us in our personal, and magical development, as well as in ritual.  It covers how they relate to Jungian Psychology, the pagan mysteries, and the traditional ancient cosmologies, from the three worlds of Shamanistic practise to the nine worlds of the Norse Yggdrasil. They show how all these cosmologies have a common source.  It includes an exploration of 'the Tree'; in a journey or pathworking. This is a useful workshop for those interested in all forms of paganism or shamanism. It includes: The different worlds, the Axis Mundi, journeying the spiral path, where guides and guardians can be found on the tree.

Two Day Intensives (Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am to 4.30pm)

Inner Mysteries

An intensive experiential workshop based on understanding cosmology and using magical energy within ritual. This workshop includes working with chakras and aura in magic and ritual, the nature of divinity and connecting with the Gods and Goddesses of witchcraft. Drawing Down The Moon, and how it works.  Spiritual Cosmology and travelling the witches' Tree of Life.

Inner Mysteries 2: Progressive Magic

A workshop designed to supplement Inner Mysteries 1 but also works as a 'stand alone' workshop on magical practise. This workshop includes: What is magic? Looking at Magical Laws and Ethics, the Four Elements of Magical Practise ('to know', 'to will', 'to dare', and 'to be silent'), using magical correspondences and scripts in spell work, raising power using the Witches Rune and traditional dance and thought form creation.

Trance-Prophesy and Ecstatic Ritual Intensive

This one day practical workshop explores the history, use and techniques of Trance-Prophesy as found in witchcraft and other historical and contemporary traditions. It includes: The Four Key to Trance work; Energy, Cosmology, Spirit and technique, The Underworld Descent Method;  a safe way of creating the trance-possession experience. The use of dance and drumming to create an ecstatic ritual in the evening. Grounding and centering tecniques and roles within ecstatic ritual and trance-prophesy.

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