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It has been sometime since our webpages had a major revamp and a lot has changed. Since then more material has appeared on the world wide web, and we now feel it is unnecessary for us to publish as much information as we use to. Facebook has become a major method of communication, so we have decided that these pages will in future carry immediate information related to ourselves and our activities.

It will also be where you can contact us for Tarot Readings (Janet) and Spiritual Healing (Gavin), find information on our published works and videos.

Workshops and our attendances at festivals and conferences will also be posted (below), as will our current views on various subjects (also below).

Please be patient while we continue to revamp these pages.

Copyright Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone 2013
Books to be published:  The Witches' Way is currently being translated into Italian and will be published next year with Anguana Edizioni.
The Healing Craft (second edition) is to republished by Acorn Guild Press, California in 2014.

Workshops and Tours: A link will soon be added for our tour schedule and workshop list for 2014, but will include our US Tour in May, starting at FLORIDA PAGAN GATHERING, and then taking in Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Pennsylvania and NYC.

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